RVP Plugin

Recently the debian pidgin-rvp stopped working with our M$ exchange system (with error “server returned empty response to SUBSCRIBE request” ). This little patch got my pidgin-rvp plugin to work at work.

3 thoughts on “RVP Plugin

  1. Robert Bruce

    I’ve applied your patch as I was getting the same error as you, but now I just get the error message “Internal server error”

  2. Anil Post author

    @Robert First, a disclaimer: I’m not an expert 😛 the patch was a by-product of a desperate debugging session.

    Having said that, the “Internal Server Error” would mean some problem with the server (probably caused by a bad request). If you dont mind getting your hands dirty, I suggest you could take a look network communication (say, using wireshark) while connecting and look for anything out of ordinary in the HTTP messages that cause the 500 (“Internal Server error”).

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