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Madness is real.

I took the leap of faith, bought i7 930 based rig with insanely expensive motherboard (ASUS P6T Deluxe v2). Linux is up with my old installation with the following changes to kernel:

  • Add Yukon etherenet support (sky2.ko module).
  • Add w83627ehf module for sensors.
  • AHCI for disks (Which borked the windows 7 install; fixable by enabling ahci in windows registry)
  • And ofcourse SMP (incase you did not have it).
  • Proprietary nvidia drivers for the video card.

Funny my DRAM speed went down to 1066 Mhz (from 1333) cant recollect why. Now I’ve ‘set’ it to 1333.

Squarehead gets cold

It was a close call. My box (squarehead) has the screemer. It almost gave up yesterday. A whole day of watching movies, the sun sets, dread of weekday nibbles at my head. Thats when I notice the output of ‘sensors’ program which said.

fan3: 0 RPM (min = 664 RPM, div = 8)

That hurt me.

Today, I called up my shop and they wanted the whole box to be brought to them When I am trying to squeeze time for extra-activities, that was too much. Lot of googling about the already known problem with A8N-E chipset fan. Back home I (as planned) opened the box up and felt the fan with my finger it was tight (almost as tight as a typical volume control knob!!). I brought the vacuum cleaner and let her rip the fan open. After a few seconds I heard the whine of the fan. That was a bit encouraging. after blowing off all the lint around in the box. I plugged squarehead in and booted. The rpm is back to the scream (~8K).

More cleaning. I made a little air filter (hope it does not affect the air flow too much) out of sponge and put it up in what appeared to be a major air inlet on the cabinet. I hope it runs for long before it gets the cold again. WTF!! Just as I type this its dropping to 4-5K RPM!!!.. #!@!@###@

I think my box is alive. I am not saying anything anymore.