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New combination

More FGFS art

After loong time I got my hands on FGFS etc. (Watch Lemony Snickett’s: A series of unfortunate events A movie. The ‘etc’ was inspired by Jim Carrey’s ‘something something something’ statement. )

A Screen shot (Oh the PUB is in the background)

A Screen shot (Oh the PUB is in the background)

I added EGL to the bangalore scenery. Its pretty close to the VOBG runway (09 – end). Bizzare that I actually put it only when it has become my ‘previous’ office. I remember making an attempt to put in the Residency road office but too much detail blew my interest. By the time I got it to some shape it looked like some fancy hotel (on similar lines as the hotel that looks like a basket).

Another one (Look at the eatery).

Another one (Look at the eatery).

I pulled it out, if you are thinking about where the plane went after I took the second screen shot.

Flightgear after long

Its after quite a quiet period that I tried Flightgear (except once while checking the GeForce muscle when I got the new squarehead). So much has changed; Lot to unlearn and learn about the data file(s) (which has grown to 84 MB from the ~30 MB a couple of years ago). Things I noticed are:

  • Shadows are present.
  • I grepped for VOBG in the airport file; No meridians (the file is normalized, I guess).
  • The setting and rising sun still sux (I guess I’ve got some ideas on that one).

I also visited X-Plane site and sorta felt sorry about it. They have beautiful rendering of the landscape. An enviable amount of detail in the terrain texture (*sob* when would I see that in Flightgear). Browsing through the flight-sim pages I also reached LO-MAC site. Another drool piece for me (*sigh* when would somebody make a combat-sim out of flightgear engine).

Watched Shawshank Redemption after its being in the movie hit list for (quite) some time. Moderately tickling, I would say. I had too much of an anticipation getting it (mostly from my friends’ comments).