Trying powernow-k8 again

Cant see any way out. The bios does not have anything remotely resembling AMDK7NOW! which the driver is looking for. (*sigh*).

Emacs: I’ve split the emacs configuration into various files which are loaded by the .emacs. If your car were emacs : here.

Also met GNU ID Utils while trying to find how the people work with crossrefernce in source trees (that of linux kernel, say). I use etags at work, but it gives false jumps at times. I guess I’ve to look at the command line options a bit closer.

There is an emacs interface (a bit thin one, though) to call the gid program (to query the ID database) giving it any string to look up. The way I see it, its effectively indexing the find - grep combination. More reading on the ID utils remain. If it is capable of differentiating definition and reference of various language entities it would be cool.

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