From an Apple

The second apple mac that I am laying my hands on. This one is a MacBook pro. First impression : Nice looks. Tried safari and this blog on it (thought it might look like what IE had done to the face in ACID test 2). To my relief its not bad. A couple of tricks (that put a smile on your face) that the mac does are the magnetic charging dongle (which acts like those freaky alien limbs which hauls itself to the host; though this one just snaps automagically) and ‘white’ screen flash technique for the webcam photograph. The bad part is that “ps -ef” command shouted about wrong option (ps ax works).

2 thoughts on “From an Apple

  1. abhilash

    hey anyllee…
    This option is fixed in the next version of Mac OS – Leopard. In tiger this was an issue:P
    I am logging this comment from another big apple with Leopard 🙂

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