XMMS 2 and some more.

XMMS 2 is really good. I had heard of this but I pay real attention till I tried it the day before. I find it good to have done away with a gui panel for my audio player. It is nice to have different kinds of clients for controlling the player. Am thinking of hooking PocketPC PDA up with it. Its gonna need compiling xmms2 for WinCE. Its gonna be tough to find time at work to do this. Its gonna be nice.

Computer game players are a lot but its not a popular breed in India (though, becoming lesser so everyday). Women players are few (but many top players are women, thats another thing). To find an Indian women player is tough. I stumbled upon this lady’s profile on Orkut. Reminds me of my sister’s FPS bouts. I remember having hooked up my friend’s pc and mine and playing Quake (the first one) demo in co-operative mode. My sis did quite well. Her favorite genre is RPG (Role-playing games like Ultima), which is my favorite as well.

Bundled CD Rom.

Bundled CD Rom.

When I was a kid (7th – 9th grade), getting a PC was a dream. The smell of the plastic, floppy and hard copy manuals is etched in my head. Some times I get this ‘CS lab’ fragrance from some of those shiny manuals that come around. I was introduced to my first PC (486) by my unc (I was in 12th – high school). I fell for comp. games along with my sis and a cousin. A bundle of 4 games from Creative along with the SoundBlaster audio card made our day. It had Ultima 8 : Pagan, Strike Commander (My first 256 color flight sim), Wing commander 2 and Syndicate (a strategy/action game). I still have the CD (check the pic alongside). Nostalgia (sigh).

In other news, my Sunday was ruined by fruitless (rather un-satisfying) shopping. It was intended to upgrade my wardrobe. My reduced interest, makes the shopping for clothes rather painful. Bad headache all after noon (sic.).

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