Bikes, Bandh and CS

Two friends and two sides of biking

One long weekend and two of my friends went searching for the limits of their bikes and their selves. Dhanush tried it long and slow with an Enfield 350CC 4S and did 862.9 kms in 3 days. Prithvi did it short and fast using Yamaha 350CC 2S and did 2.2 kms in 90 seconds. I get fun out of both kinds of riding, but have never pushed it hard.

Dhanush : Solo trip involving
Mulayangiri, Kudremukh and some more
places (inspired by 60 kph).
Prithvi : Carving curves at Kari Speedway.
RD Dreams Track day last weekend

Click the pics for more pics.

Bangalore is frozen.

This morning, I wakeup to pin drop silence. That scared all the good out of me. I don’t think I’ve seen B’lore so silent in like for ages (or at all). No food (in case you dint know I have food at restaurants regularly) – means making my own break fast. I quite dislike having to make break fast as I am real hungry when I wake up. Anyways I make ‘Upma’ (a.k.a one of the simplest stuff that can be made of general-purpose-food-raw-materials) and switch on the TV to see whats in (more like feed my eyes and head while eating) and see that they’ve stopped the services today. Thats some ‘Bandh’ they have here. I was quite worried if Internet would be down as well.


It was fun to use the map that I made last weekend. It was even more pleasing to see my friend SandMan use the rooms I made, for camping. I had made the rooms to try and make the basement appear true to real. After some time messing with the basement map we went for the aim_headshot, I decided to get some cruel fun while my friends caught up to using the weapons. I pushed out the thought that I was kinda cheating (cuz half of the players were new to CS – they appear to have played other games). In a while they are going to improve – so let me have cheap some fun. No sooner said I see SandMan (again) found out that I was regularly making a run for the sniper rifle on the top so that I can camp. One moment, when there were two snipers either ends, it felt vaguely like the ‘Enemy at the gates’ movie.

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