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blore_rainI almost got stuck at office today. Non stop rain all day. Out of office at 6:00 but the road goes down into water both ways. Got my bike half deep in water. Pulled over before the engine’s gurgling becomes silence. Took a left turn to get out of the mess. Got out of the mess and around 1.5 hours later got home. Found some greenery on the silencer and foot rest from the ‘pulling over ‘that I did.

Rains are scary.

Mouth Shut

Under the influence of ESR’s statement about shutting up if one does not have anything to say. Can’t dare to look at a couple of blogs down.

Got my hcoop account. Yay !

Randi’s challenge

Its been a week since I checked my yahoo mail. Prasad had mailed me on ideas of putting in someone to prove that homeopathy is indeed a practice medicin.. er.. um.. (I feel like the hobbits when Bilbo said “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”). Anyways here is his mail:

We all know that the government of India is patronizing alternative systems of medicne like homeopathy. But do you know that if one could scientifically prove the efficacy of a homeopathic drug he could win Rupees 44 crores (One Million US Dollar). The Million Dollar Challenge by JREF includes homeopathy as paranormal. If you know any person who you think could prove that homeopathy is indeed a system of medicne please inform him about this challenge. Even if he is not interested in crores of rupees it will atleast keep the anti-homeopaths mouth shut. I’ve tried in consulting a few ‘well known’ homeopaths at our area, but they said they had no time to spare for the test :)) They all say that hundreds of people consult us daily and it is the proof that the system works!!!

For details about the challenge visit

The Challenge started in 1964. Though there were thousands of applicants none of them could succeed even the priliminary test.

One Mr. Vanshi from India is into the fray now. The JREF would accept a protocol that simply demonstrated that Mr. Vanshi can tell the difference between a homeopathic solution and a non-Homeopathic solution. If he can do this, he would be the first person EVER to pass the JREF Paranormal Challenge preliminary test.


I did not really get the claim that JREF has in its logs. But I almost figure out that its enough to prove that a solution is homepathic (WTF?). I think I lost it (the actual claim involved here).

Raju ? He appears in my head again.

It came and its over.

Hardly a week and I’ve exhausted my 1Gig bandwidth quota. The dist-upgrade is to blame. Apart from crossing 1Gig it gave me a few hours of sweating with broken libc.

Notes on game scripting: I know its quite generic a statement, but the article was nice. Something reminds me of what went wrong (years ago) when my prof asked me about whats good : game performing differently on varying power of hardware or remaining same. I got the question wrong and said that its to stay the same thinking of just the simluation clock (on my test bed things were so slow that my simulation clock was hitting (or was hit by) the system badly – which I realized a year ago running the program on faster system). [Regret] [.]